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The ACT Raising Safe Kids Program is a national parent education program designed by the American Psychological Association as a childhood safety and primary violence prevention initiative. The mission of the Adults and Children Together Raising Safe Kids (ACT-RSK), a national evidence-based program, is to educate parents and caregivers of young children ages 0-10 about positive, effective parenting in order to strengthen families and create a safe and healthy environment that prevents child maltreatment. The program is led by a certfied ACT facilitator.

The ACT-RSK curriculum is based on three foundations:

  • The early years of life are a critical time in development when children are learning basic skills that have long-term effects on their lives.
  • Parents and caregivers can be the best providers of role modeling.
  • Exposure to maltreatment early in life can have serious and long-lasting impacts on emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical development.

Topics Covered in the Nine-Week Curriculum:

  • Understanding Your Child’s Behaviors
  • Understanding Exposure to Violence
  • Understanding and Controlling Parents’ Anger
  • Understanding and Helping Angry Children
  • Children and Electronic Media
  • Discipline and Parenting Styles
  • Discipline for Positive Behaviors
  • Keeping the ACT Raising Safe Kids

Program With You Parents and Caregivers Learn:

  • To connect with other parents and engage in discussions about how to help their child(ren) process exposures to media violence and conflicts.
  • What children are capable of understanding and doing at different ages.
  • The roots and consequences of conflict in children’s lives.
  • How child development is affected by conflict.
  • Positive conflict resolution approaches for children.
  • How to discipline versus punish children.
  • Early conflict prevention skills including anger management, social-problem solving, media literacy, media literacy: the impact of TV video, and computer games on young children.

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